You can't toss a bone on Bald Head Island without hitting a beloved canine companion! They are literally everywhere you look in this dog-lover's paradise, but here at Bald Head Blues, especially, we are lucky enough to meet a lot of them as islanders come & go from the market next door. 

Every morning, you can find this little Yorkie named Bugsy anxiously leading his mama in with all 6 lbs of his might! She's stocked us up on his special treats and he knows what time it is when he sees us. He only sits for a second before jumping up to retrieve his reward!

This beast is Davis, an English Setter. On any given day, he'll come meandering into the store in search of a treat. He knows exactly where to find them, too, as he goes straight behind the sales counter! He'll sit for it, but then he's reluctant to leave it at just one. He stubbornly refuses to go when his owners try to get him out. It's a sight!

This little cutie is Piper. I dog sat for a bit while his mama was in the market, so I tried one of our needlepoint dog collars on him. This Old Baldy rendition in a size Small (11") fit him perfectly!

Baxter was kind enough to sit and pose in our USA Flag needlepoint collar that his owners just got for him. He's a growing boy, but the Large (20") is just right for when he fills out more. Such a happy dog!

Talk about a gentle giant, Opie here, an English Mastiff, will be just 1 year old next week and weighs in at 200 pounds already! Needless to say, though I tried the large collar on him, it just wasn't big enough for his massive puppy neck :-)

Our Needlepoint Dog Collar comes in three styles: coral sea turtle, turquoise Old Baldy and navy blue USA flag. Small (8-11"), Med (12-15") and Lg (16-20"). All $60. Available on our website as well.

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