BHI's First Pink Weekend

October 13, 2014 1 Comment

Thursday night's fashion show at the Bald Head Island Club went off without a hitch! Everyone had a blast, both the attendees and especially the models!! 

Bald Head Blues models awaiting the encore. Suzanne rocked the blue kaftan. Janet looked amazing in the cashmere sweater & paisley capris despite Steve stealing her straw clutch! Steve already owns the striped polo, but got the pants as well after the show. He was hesitant to model the sunglasses, but they worked! Toni wore the necklace tee & drawstring skirt so well, Janet wants to get it for her even if she hasn't an occasion to wear it! You can't see the dog collar in this pic, but Piper strutted his stuff and stole the show!!

The 2nd encore! One just wasn't enough for this audience. They were awesome!!!!


        Some pumpkins I painted for the festivities. Thank you, Pinterest!!


Saturday's Pink Wine & Sweets Social was a bigger success than I could have imagined! The wine was flowing and so many treats were eaten that, thankfully, there weren't many leftovers. 

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