For over 25 years, our family has enjoyed the wonder and majesty of Bald Head Island on the coast of North Carolina.  It’s a special place where nature’s abundance, a casual coastal lifestyle, and the island’s unique “golf cart only” transportation system define an experience found nowhere else. Islanders simply go on “turtle time” when on Bald Head Island.

Bald Head Blues™ was inspired by our unique Bald Head Island lifestyle, which itself is defined by the simplicity and genius of “golf cart only” mobility.  Even a quick ride to the beach becomes an adventure when islanders load their carts with beach chairs, surfboards and umbrellas - using  bungees to tie the items to the roof of the golf cart.   Our logo is inspired by this tradition, and our “Clothing for Coasting”  motto is derived from  ‘coasting around in the golf cart’  on the coast of North Carolina. 

Our high-quality clothing designs, and selection of fine fabrics also reflect our unique island experience.  They’re casual, colorful, and classic.  They inspire our sense of style and compel us to relax.  Wearing Bald Head Blues™ transports us to a place we all long to be, no matter where we are now.

We’re privileged to share our island experience with you through our “Clothing for Coasting” apparel and accessories.   We’ll see you ‘round the island!




Claude E. Pope, III