From our friend Adam Barnes who, along with his wife, has a great blog and great Cook Book about Bald Head Island.

Singin’ the (Bald Head) Blues

bhi-bhblues-celebration 050Post by Adam

Saturday was a big day here on the island. Bald Head Blues celebrated its first anniversary complete with BBQ  – a whole pig smoked by the Claudes  (Sr. & Jr.), Melissa and Chef Chip – and all the fixin’s (Chef makes some killer beans and hushpuppies!).

I am not prone to getting up before dawn, but as the island’s unofficial documentarian, the cooking of a pig in the wee hours seemed like too good a slice of island life to pass up. So, when 5 o’clock rolled around, I suppressed the desire to hit the snooze button multiple times,  grabbed a camera and zipped up to the Market.

It was still dark when I arrived and I found Claude and Melissa lounging on beach chairs, sipping coffee (I think). We chatted about this and that, checked out the flames on the new smoker,

bhi-bhblues-celebration 003

and finally, as dawn began to break, Chef Chip showed up and it was time to flip the pig and have a taste of coming attractions.

bhi-bhblues-celebration 004

The smell was intoxicating when the lid was lifted and the pig was so big it took three of them to flip it!

bhi-bhblues-celebration 026

 Chef Chip added some more sauce…

bhi-bhblues-celebration 037

 And by noon it was ready to go!

bhi-bhblues-celebration 058The crowd ate (and drank) their fill…apparently in record time, too.

bhi-bhblues-celebration 086And a good time was had by all!

bhi-bhblues-celebration 044bhi-bhblues-celebration 060bhi-bhblues-celebration 089Cheryl even baked Young Claude a cake to celebrate the event (and included a single navy candle to make a wish), but he quickly whisked it away from the eyes of the ravenous crowd to enjoy later in peace and quiet.

Happy Anniversary Bald Head Blues, and many happy returns!

Life is good, y’all. Stay tuned!

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